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Vsyo te dje myi: nam tseliy mir tchugbina; Otechestvo nam Tsarskoe Selo... Alexander Pushkin

Tsarskoe Selo - town of Pushkin

The resplendent suburb of St.Petersburg

Tsarskoe Selo - town of Pushkin, The resplendent suburb of St.Petersburg

PORTAL of Pushkin-town and Pushkin district of St.Petersburg
Pushkin(Tsarskoe Selo) - is the most beautiful suburb of St.Petersburg.

What do you wish?
To learn, where is Pushkin(Tsarskoe Selo) located.
To learn a history of the summer residence of the Russian Emperors.
To find out, why Pushkin(Tsarskoe Selo) is named as Town of Muses
To be acquainted with surprising architecture Russian Baroque.
To find out, how there is the Amber Room restoring.
To survey the picture gallery of Catherine Palace
To meet with Great Poet-Alexandr Pushkin
To plunge into business life of Pushkin district and to drop in Chamber of commerce and industry
To hit at the centre of events of the Tsarskoselsky Carnival
To visit the Virtual Exhibition of Tsarskoe Selo
To leave a message in Guest-Book
Video-news of Tsarskoe Selo (needs 15 sec.)

News of Tsarskoe Selo
News of Tsarskoe Selo

Video-news of Tsarskoe Selo
Video-news of Tsarskoe Selo (needs 15 sec.)

Last information.

27 of June, 2015
On 27 of June the festive events, dedicated to the foundation of Tsarskoye Selo (the town of Pushkin) took place.

Tsarskoselskiy Carnival

The festivities traditionally began with a bright cheerful Procession. The key part of the Holiday occured in the central part of Pushkin and in territory of Bufferny park. All citizens and visitors of Pushkin town took part in the competitions and saw concerts and performances on several festive stages.

This year the basic topic of the celebration was The CRADLE of the RUSSIAN LITERATURE


Annual scientifically-practical conference Prospect of a sustainable development of Pushkin district of St.-Petersburg has taken place on April, 16th, 2015 in Jurisprudence and Business Institute

On 23th of January, 2015 the International Center of Worcester officially installed the statue of Pushkin in the Worcester Mayors Office.
In the picture is Ashley Emerson-Gilbert, the new Director of the International Center of Worcester; Worcester Mayor Joseph M. Petty; William (Bill) Stock, Vice President of Seven Hills Foundation for Government and Community Relations; and Royce Anderson, Special Consultant (and former Executive Director) of the International Center of Worcester.
This event was the result of the merger between the International Center of Worcester and Seven Hills Foundation (see our new website at Bill Stock organized the installation of the Pushkin statue in the Worcester City Hall.
This bust of Alexander Pushkin was given to the people of Worcester by the people of Pushkin in 1995. It was sculpted by the Pushkin sculptor Leonid L. Michailyonok. It has been in the ICW office, and also was for some time in the Worcester Public Library. But now it has its most appropriate location in City Hall.

20th anniversary of the CCI of Pushkin and Pavlovsk

20th anniversary of the CCI of Pushkin and Pavlovsk.

On 17th of October a ceremonial reception dedicated to the anniversary of the CCI of Pushkin and Pavlovsk took place in the Grand column hall of the Pauls palace. The representatives of public authorities of Saint-Petersburg, people of culture and art, regional and foreign partners of the Chamber took part in the celebration. The most honorable guests were the members of the CCI the workers of small, medium and big business for which the Chamber was founded in 1994.

We got congratulations from:

  • A businessmen rights commissioner in Saint-Petersburg A. Abrosimov
  • A chairman of entrepreneurial development and consumer market committee of Saint-Petersburg E. Kachaev
  • A President of the CCI of the Russian Federation S. Katirin
  • A President of the CCI of Saint Petersburg V. Katenev
  • A General director of the CCI of Kronstadt V. Shimansky
  • A President of the CCI of the Pskov region V. Zubov
  • A President of the CCI of the Novgorod region D. Bikov
  • A President of the CCI of Pyatigorsk L. Kartashova
  • A President of the CCI of Belgorod V. Skrug
  • A President of the CCI of Arkhangelsk O. Semkov
  • The archpriest of Tsarskoselsky district Gennady Zverev
  • A President of the Chamber of Commerce of Finland Risto E. Penttila
  • A business representative of the Russian Federation in Sweden A. Katasov
  • A representative of the CCI of Pushkin and Pavlovsk in Ireland Padraig Cleary
  • A representative of the CCI of Pushkin and Pavlovsk in Turkey Erdogan Gunduzpolat
  • A representative of the CCI of Pushkin and Pavlovsk in the USA Ron and Ludmila Mosher and Royce Anderson
  • A representative of the CCI of Pushkin and Pavlovsk in Sweden Natalia Blanksvard
  • A representative of the CCI of Pushkin and Pavlovsk in Holland Felix Boers

The CCI of Pushkin and Pavlovsk has become a place that unites entrepreneurs and links business and the authorities over 20 years already.
The Chamber has amassed a wealth of experience in such fields as examination, estimation, certification, control of quantity, quality, completeness, technical condition of goods in process of their use, business planning and information support of businessmen.
Nowadays the Chamber has six own official representations abroad: in Sweden, Ireland, Turkey, Holland, the USA and China.
An agricultural, a building, an ecological, a trading sections and arbitrage have being operated under the Chamber.

The doors of the CCI of Pushkin and Pavlovsk are always open for entrepreneurs.
Our address: Pushkin, Oktyabrsky boulevard 50/30 Tel. +7-812-476-85-88, fax: +7-812-465-05-29, e-mail:

The Tsarskoselskaya art award ceremony 2014.
The Tsarskoselskaya art award ceremony 2014

The Tsarskoselskaya art award ceremony 2014

The Tsarskoselskaya art award ceremony 2014 took place on the 18 of October in the Imperial Tsarskoselsky Lyceum..

The award holders 2014 are: Vladimir Gusev, Karen Shahnazarov, Alexandr Gorodnitsky, Natalia Kasperovich, Alexandr Adabashyan, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Angelika and Vyacheslav Butusov, Pavel Kryuchkov, Tamara Isaeva, Semyen Furman, Lev Naumov,Yulia Andreeva, Sergey Boyarsky.

Tip of the Hat

Gordon B. Lankton

A tip of the hat to Gordon B. Lankton, founder of the Museum of Russian Icons, 203 Union Street, Clinton, who was recently named the 2013 Tsarkoselskaya Art Award winner. Mr. Lankton will be traveling to Pushkin, a suburb of St. Petersburg to receive the award in October. Founded in 1993, the award is presented for "creative input in the development of Russian culture and art and for strengthening of international bonds."


The local history guide Tsarskoye Selo and the Town of Pushkin in the Historical Time is presented to your attention .
Main events of more than 300-year history of the town of Pushkin are reflected in the guide.
The project was carried out from 2011 to 2012 according to the order of the municipal formation of the town of Pushkin within limits of the Municipal grant in the nomination History of Tsarskoye Selo in Persons .

Exhibition Tsarskoe Selo - summer Residence of emperors of Russia
since June, 26th, 2013
in Zerbst/Angalt castle (Germany)

Great Catherine II

From June, 26th till October, 06th, 2013 there will be a special exhibition Tsarskoe Selo - summer residence of emperors of Russia, organised by the GMZ Tsarskoe Selo Pushkin/St.-Petersburg and a noncommercial society Zerbst castle.

More about...

On the 16 of April a round table meeting of the Ecological Development Centre took place in the CCI of Pushkin and Pavlovsk. The meeting became a follow up of the conference Pushkin district future development, where the main problems and risks were discussed and the further actions were scheduled.

On the meeting the creation of several thematic grounds was approved:

  • Popularization of bicycling and walking;
  • Smart city, smart quarter, smart street, smart home;
  • Residential solid waste (RSW);
  • Ho using maintenance and utilities ;
  • Parks, trees, lawns, planting (flora);
  • Preservation of a historical look of Pushkin and Pavlovsk;
  • Yuzhniy town construction, redevelopment of Babolovskypark and Volhonka area.

One of the main results of the meeting is a decision to organize new round table meetings on the each thematic ground in the nearest future in order to work out strategies and to prepare projects. The pointed projects should be presented to active citizens on the field-oriented forum at the end of June.

St.Catherine Cathedral
St.Catherine Cathedral ATTENTION!
harity fund
Reconstruction of St.Catherine Cathedral in Tsarskoe Selo
is open!

Multifunctional International business - park SHUSHARY
Multifunctional International business - park

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St.Catherine Cathedral Charity fund

Reconstruction of the TsarskoSelskoe Brotherly cemetery of heroes of the First World War 1914-1918


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News of Tsarskoe Selo News of Tsarskoe Selo News of Tsarskoe Selo